Are you close to nature ? – No! Then you are likely to be depressed . 

The fact that a refreshing breeze, warm rays of life-giving sunlight and sweet-smelling greenery can work its magic on not just ailing patients but even healthy people, is not new. A lush, pretty garden in the premises of a hospital can actually help patients recover better and faster, say city doctors. A lot of studies and researches have been done to validate this. A few decades ago, environmental psychologist Roger Ulrich demonstrated that gazing at a garden can speed up the healing process of patients who have undergone surgery or have infections and other ailments.

Dr Ramen Goel, bariatric and metabolic surgeon, says, “People living close to green spaces are likely to be more active. They are less likely to be obese and dependent on anti-depressants.“

Clinical nutritionist Nupur Krishnan adds, “When people stay close to nature or have green ery around them, they are likely to be eating healthy. The surrounding you stay in affects the kind of lifestyle you lead.“

Fitness professionals say that when you have a green jogging track near your home, you are tempted to go over for a brisk walk or jog more frequently than those who don’t. Dr Goel says, “Many of my obese patients are also depressed. The recovery period is greatly enhanced if they take up a hobby or activity that keeps them close to nature.“

Mynoo Maryel, author of a spiritual book, says, “Allow yourself to be in the spirit of nature, with trees, animals and birds. Nature provides food for your senses. This is about connecting yourself to your spirit and getting comfortable in your truth.“

Separate studies done by researchers John Zelenski and Elizabeth Nisbet have found that “nature relatedness has a distinct happiness benefit“. Psychologists say that nature plays an extremely significant role when it came to maintaining a positive mental health.

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