Corporate Wellness – The Future of Healthy India Inc

The last one or two decades have seen a huge shift in the work environment, it’s much more competitive, a lot more stressful, and in most cases has thrown work-life balance out the window. A scenario where social meetings are no longer catching up with friends but all about forced networking to meet the surreal targets for the month. This constant excessive stress obviously take a toll on the body and slowly but surely it starts to show up at various instances, initially in the milder forms such as irritability, excessive anger, etc. moving to much serious forms like anxiety and depression.

Many researches in recent times have shown that such high levels of stress and practically nil work-life balance results in a large number of sick leaves, low productivity of the employees, and inability to perform to the maximum capability all which converts into losses for the business. Just early this year, a paper by ASSOCHAM on corporate wellness found that India Inc. could save almost US $20 billion by 2018 just by adopting good corporate wellness practices and programs. The findings of the paper reveal that by boosting better health of employees the absenteeism rate can be brought down by 1 percent resulting in happier and healthier work force.

A study that was done across various sectors such as IT/ITES, Media, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Market Research/KPO, Financial Services, FMCG, and Engineering found that 83 percent of their employees were happy to contribute towards wellness programs that were company sponsored.

The mindset of employees about such corporate plans (percentage of employees) –

Sector Health consciousness Motivated by company incentives Both
IT/ITES 55 34 11
Media 70 30
Real Estate 33 60
Infrastructure 20 60 20
Market Research/KPO 90 10
Financial Services 73 27
FMCG 75 13 12
Engineering 75 19 6

A 2016 report by The Wall Street Journal found that Indian Millennial worked longer hours at work compared to their counterparts in any other country.

Some of these numbers urge for better dissemination of knowledge about corporate wellness plans and their benefits to the employees as it is seen in many cases the employees are in the dark about the existence of any such plans altogether. To make this even complicated, over 76% employees believe that they cannot be affected by lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc.  All this can change for the better of the employees, the companies and the nation altogether with proper information being made known and available.

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