Different types of diet and their effects on body

Ketogenic diet-A typical keto diet is based on high consumption of fats and proteins and very little carbohydrate. This can pose a problem as the most common issue with this kind of diet is diarrhea and in some cases, constipation. Having a healthy poop during the course of this diet can be challenging as your body starts using its fat storage to release energy rather than carbohydrates.


GM diet-Since the GM diet is designed in a manner wherein one is eating one category of the food pyramid each day, constipation and digestion issues are bound to happen with this diet. This is mainly due to two reasons: Firstly, body will not get enough roughage to produce bulk and secondly, your body goes in a state of shock due to the sudden change in diet. This can lead to stressing your body for a longer period of time and hence, have digestion problems.


Atkins diet-Atkins diet focuses on high proteins and high fats. This means that the consumption of carbohydrate is limited. However, since one can include a lot of fruits and vegetables, bowel movement is not an issue in this diet plan. Problems can arise if consumption of meat is more than vegetables as meat takes more time digest


Vegan diet-Since vegan is a diet wherein you omit dairy products, it is less likely to give you trouble in the poop department. This is because you end up eating fiber-rich foods which help in bulk production. Along with this, no consumption of dairy products also means no gas issues.


Juice detox diet-Going on extreme liquid diets not only show a dip in your metabolic levels but also in the way you poop. Since your body requires enough roughage to produce bulk, when we stick to such cleansing diets, our body does not get enough to form this bulk. Sticking to only liquids throughout the day can lead to constipation.


Whole30 diet-

A whole30 diet includes omitting a variety of processed foods from your diet. According to research, those who don’t eat processed foods frequently tend to have better and easy bowel movements. This is because your colon is majorly free from any kind of preservatives which are likely to block your bowel movement. Hence, following a whole30 diet maybe tough, but it has several benefits.






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