Facts about Water Intake and Myths Busted

Up to 60% of a human body is made of water; therefore one can understand the significance of water. According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, almost 83% of our lungs are water and our brains are made up of close to 73% water. Water has some distinctive qualities that make it so vital for every living being, all the minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that our body needs is processed with the help of water.

Drink water to lose weight

A number of studies have been done in the past to check the efficacy of drinking water in losing weight. One such study done in 2015 on obese adults over a period of 12 weeks under a weight-loss program showed that when the participants drank 500ml of water half an hour before their meals experienced an average weight loss of 1.2 kgs. This study showed that just imagining that one is full doesn’t help as much in weight loss as does drinking some water before main meals do.

Do you want better weight loss results while on a diet plan? Then try replacing diet beverages with plain water for that extra loss in pounds, this not just helps in losing weight but also improves insulin sensitivity. What a bonus!

Clarity of thoughts and improved memory

A major portion of our brain is made of water that means any amount of dehydration can severely impact our cognitive functioning. It was seen that when children were given water just before doing a cognitive test of recalling 15 objects that were shown to them, were able to recollect the objects notably better than when they were not provided water.

By keeping yourself well hydrated and sipping on water at regular intervals can help to make sure our minds are alert and can stay focused.

Reduce recurrence of kidney stones

A study done on approx 300 patients concluded that high intake of water resulted in controlled kidney stones and fewer recurrences. Research suggests that an improper diet that lacks proper nutrition is the main culprit in causing kidney stones. This means adjusting the diet and including an optimum amount of water to the diet is the first line of treatment for kidney stones.

Beat Hangovers

If you are one of those who party hard but dread the hangovers next morning then this is for you. Research has it that drinking water in between alcoholic drinks have the potential to reduce those ugly hangover symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, excessive thirst, and headache. Hangover is partly caused due to dehydration and by drinking a good amount of water frequently in intervals may help in reducing such symptoms.

Now, the important question – How much water to drink per day?

There are a number of mixed theories on how much water one needs to drink to keep a healthy body and be fit. Generally, it is recommended to drink 8 glasses (about 240 ml each) of water although there is no concrete research that validates this. As it is easy to remember this is usually followed even though some may feel well hydrated with fewer than 8 glasses of water while some may still feel thirsty even after drinking those 8 glasses of water.

What we must understand is that the daily water requirement for men is 3.7L and for women is 2.9L. This can be acquired from drinks as well as various food sources. However, this number varies for those carrying out strenuous physical activities, athletes, and during the summer season. You will need to modify your diet based on all these factors.


For our overall well-being, we must consciously make efforts to drink enough water so that we don’t stay dehydrated. So, the next time you find yourself dozing off in the middle of a meeting, try grabbing a bottle of water instead of that strong coffee to feel fresh and alert – ready to bring out the creative side of you!

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