Health Wallet

What is living without good health? In today’s times, good health has become a rare blessing that we all seek yet many times fail to acquire. Excessive stress and unforeseen circumstances lead us to various health issues. So, what can be done to counter such a scenario? Just go with the flow and try to deal with health issues as they come without any plan? It can be a dangerous plan to not have a health plan these days, not just that they would cost us a bomb and without a proper plan, one might get lost in looking for good health care professionals in case of urgencies losing critical time.

Is there really any solution to today’s health woes? Well, one thing that stands out among the crowd of all the healthcare solutions is a lucrative Health Wallet. A Health Wallet is like a dedicated savings account just for your health woes, which also takes care of any unexpected (and huge) health care bills.

How it works?

Health Wallet is a special savings account where you need to, on a regular basis, add a sum/amount that will be used to cover all your’s and your family’s health requirements. The usual health insurances will help in covering only hospitalization expenses but what about OPD charges, pre- and post-diagnostic tests, cost of medicines, etc? That’s where the Health Wallet would come into picture. You can easily pay through this wallet directly for your expenses or accrue all your expenses and get it reimbursed later.

We never forget to create our personal stash for covering expenditure on our extra spending, what about health expenses? Any surprises in that front are certainly not any of us would hope for. As far as health is concerned it is always better to be equipped with enough money that would cover at least the basic requirements of you and your family, with cost of healthcare going through the roof that seems like the only viable solution.

 Is there a need for a Health Wallet?

Getting a proper healthcare treatment is getting expensive by the day; it is the need of the hour to maintain a separate account just to help with our healthcare needs. Add to that aging, and you know what could be possibly awaiting in terms of health. Being in the dark is an absolute no-no; we need to make ourselves aware of options available to us, choose the perfect one for us and create a healthcare plan to follow through.

Health Wallets will help us in doing exactly that, save enough money to cover our out-of-pocket health expenses without making us feel the pinch. What’s even better about these options today is that they offer interest on the amount saved, so you don’t just save money but you also earn good interest on the amount saved. In addition to that, one can also claim tax benefit under section 80D.

With changing times, our strategies to save money should also change and Health Wallets surely looks like a very good option to invest in.

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